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Excursion into the depths of the Dolomites

The first official reference to this cave was made in the early 17th century but it’s far older than that. Indeed, word of the cave is as old, if not older than man himself.

Legend has it that it was used as a prison by the rulers of the nearby castle, hence its fitting name (Spy’s hole). The cave is a sight to behold and features a unique trait within its depths: an ‘intermittently heaving double interlayered siphon’ or, in other words, the roaring cave.
The sound is produced by the water entering and exiting the cave, the grooves and tunnels filled by 1,000 litres per second from a source connected to the cave via an underground network. What a unique phenomenon!

Another highlight is the numerous small lakes within the cave and their hanging stalactites.

Thanks to the expert guides from the Lavis Speleology Group and the Dolomiti Avventura Alpine Guides, everyone can visit the cave in total safety.

All you need to pack is your sense of adventure!

Duration: 3 hours
Learning themes: nature, geology, history.
Difficulty: easy, short bottlenecks to overcome by proceeding with your hands, but the bulk of the excursion can be easily walked.
Minimum age: 7.
Recommended clothing: trekking shoes or boots, comfy and thermal wear (tracksuit and a fleece on top, wool socks, possibly gloves). A change of clothes upon leaving the cave, as you may get wet up to your knees.
Equipment given: helmet with headlight and batteries, possibly an extra tracksuit. No mountaineering tools are necessary.
Date: Fridays during July and August, at 3 pm

>> Don't miss the chance to join the excursion: ph. +39 0463 830133,