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Explore the canyons of Lake Santa Giustina by kayak

Lake Santa Giustina flows into extremely narrow canyons, accessible only by water with small craft such as canoes and kayaksThe best-known canyon is that carved out by the Novella river. This is why it's so fascinating: firstly, it is accessible only by water - there is no other way to enter this 50-metre-deep and 3-km-long gorge. Then there is the sun casting its rays between the rock faces and lighting up the water. And lastly, the sounds and the peace; everything is so narrow and hushed here that you can hear every single drop.

An extraordinary experience, suitable for all, even children! If you have enough strength in your arms to paddle you should have no problem as the entire excursion is on flat water

All the excursions are conducted in total safety: you will be provided with a lifejacket and helmet (properly sanitised).Guided excursions always begin with a preparatory phase during which the instructor will demonstrate correct paddling techniques.

The guided tours are organised by four different companies: the banks of the lake are narrow and steep, so each one has identified its own starting point and built its own experience!

1. Punta Ciampalesi by Parco Fluviale Novella
2. Chalet al Lago di Banco by X-Raft
3. Dres - Cles by Trentino Wild 
4. Le Plaze - Dermulo by Ursus Adventures

Bear in mind that you will be spending around 3 hours on the water and that you will probably get wet. We therefore advise you to wear shorts or swimwear, a t-shirt, and sandals
or light sneakers. Make sure you apply sun protection before you depart, bring it with you, wear a hat and sunglasses, and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water!

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