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Intrigo at Castel Coredo in the evening


Listen up and take a good look around: a mysterious world is waiting for you!

Castel Coredo does not have the appearance of a castle: it is an austere-looking noble home which stands alone on top of a hill, hidden from view by conifer trees. The appearance and disappearance of its facade make it an even more secret place.

You will visit Castel Coredo and the nearby Palazzo Nero in the evening, surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere. Our guides will take you on a storytelling journey through the most intriguing events of Palazzo Nero, Castel Coredo and those who inhabited them. Following the clues, you will solve the riddles and shed light on what really happened!


On Saturday 13th/27th April, 11th/25th May, 1st/15th/29th June 2024

Meeting point:
Coredo at the tourism information office, Piazza Cigni 2 at 9 p.m.

Duration: 2 hours approx.
Cost: € 15,00 


What you need yo know:

• The activity starts with a minimum number of participants.
• As a family group it's suitable for children from 12 years old 
• It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
• We recommend parking cars in the spaces indicated around the main square of the village of Coredo. From here the ticket office is nearby and then it is a 10-minute walk to first         Palazzo Nero and then Coredo Castle.
Dogs are not allowed inside the castle.
• During the visit and in the individual rooms we kindly ask you not to take photographs. Photography is only permitted outside the castle.
• We recommend comfortable footwear.

What else you can do in the area• Enjoy a good dinner in the restaurants of the panoramic Predaia area or simply have an aperitif
• Walk along the pleasant promenade of the two lakes of Coredo and Tavon along the Viale dei Sogni
• In the afternoon, have fun at the Sores Park adventure park in the cool forest (check openings)

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Val di Non Tourism Office
Via Roma, 21 - 38013 Borgo d'Anaunia TN

If you prefer a direct mail or talk to someone:
info@visitvaldinon.it - +39 0463 830133

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Val di Non Tourism Office
Via Roma, 21 - 38013 Borgo d'Anaunia TN

If you prefer a direct mail or talk to someone:
info@visitvaldinon.it - +39 0463 830133


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