Holiday Farmhouse Primo Sole, renovated in 2009-2011, is located in Mechel, a typical alpine village in Val di Non in Trentino, surrounded by apple orchards and lush woodland. Agritur Primo Sole is a holiday farm managed by the Poletti family, a typical family of the Trentino countryside, proud of its land and its cultural roots. It has 10 spacious rooms that have wooden floors and furnishings and are quiet and bright. The colours that characterise them are: sky blue, the green of nature, the orange and pink of the sunrise and the lilac of the sunset. They are equipped with satellite TV, ADSL internet and bathroom. The bedding is made using hypoallergenic materials. The bathrooms are comfortable, spacious and equipped with hairdryer, toiletries and towels. Particular attention is paid to cleanliness and hygiene. The breakfast room, called “Hall of the Sun”, is warm and welcoming. The colors of the wood of floor, ceiling and furniture, remind of the warmth and positivity of the first sun shines in the morning. The massive stone walls remember the old houses walls and almost seem to wrap and give security. There is no separation between the kitchen and dining room to create more contact with the guest. In the heart of Poletti House there are 2 typical cellars of the past ("vòuti").The larger of the two cellars is the place where you can find our homemade food products: apple juice, sauerkraut, sausages, salamis, speck (regional typical ham), jams, preserves and other specialty food of "Grandma Mary". The "Cianva" (cellar in the Rhaeto-Romanic language of Val di Non) is the smallest cellar and is the place where products are stored and in which you can make delicious tasting.

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