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How to book your parking at Lake Tovel

Lake Tovel is one of the most famous and charming places in Trentino and there are lots of people who want to come and admire its beauty. To allow you to enjoy a stress-free day in this stunning corner of the Brenta Dolomites, from 4th July to 27th September 2020, there will be only limited access to the lake and all parking must be booked in advance.

Lake Tovel has always enchanted its visitors. The story of the incredible ‘reddening’ phenomenon, which happened every summer up until the end of the 1960s, made it particularly famous. Now, the turquoise blue waters lapping up against the pure white beaches make this a very “instagrammable” place - a place where you simply have to go and take a photo.

Hence why more and more people have wanted to visit Lake Tovel over the years; some simply want to take a stroll here, some prefer to go on a trip around the lake, while others prefer to relax on its Caribbean-like beaches. However, as we all know, we need to avoid overcrowding this summer, which is why it is now compulsory to book your parking in advance!

Here’s how to book a day at Tovel, to enjoy all of its beauty without having to worry about the crowds

If you’ve already tried to book a car park but the booking was not successful because all the car parks are already full, here is the solution for reaching Tovel by shuttle bus from the village of Tuenno.And here you can find details on how to reach Lake Tovel by bike or on foot  without worrying about booking a car park. 1. The “PASS” online booking service on the Adamello Brenta Natural Park website.The system is very simple and intuitive and convenient if you intend to book using a PC. First of all you need to go onto this page and login for free providing your email address and a password.
After doing the login you will receive an email asking you to click on a blue square to confirm your account. Then you reach the first page of the online booking service showing all the car parks managed by the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. The ones in Tovel are the first 4 with a light blue background.
So, just click on the car park you prefer, enter the requested details into the fields (date, parking duration (1 day or more), type of vehicle and numberplate) and continue to the payment screen.
You can pay by credit card (commission €1.00 for every car park booked), by paypal (commission €1.35 for every car park booked) or by satispay (commission €1.00 for every car park booked).
Once the payment has been made on the screen, the message “ordine confermato” (order confirmed) will appear. You don’t need to print any documents as the booking just made is connected to your numberplate. When you get to the car park the numberplate will be scanned and the car park managers will automatically see the booking for that vehicle.

2. The Easypark appThe second way to book is through the EasyPark app on your smartphone. This system is useful if you already use the car park booking app in Italy and in Europe. If you want to download it and start using it, here are the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Download the Easypark app
  2. Insert your numberplate and the type of vehicle
  3. Insert your credit card details
  4. Select the car park you wish to access (details of the various car parks are provided below)
  5. Check availability, book and proceed to payment

When you arrive, the car park attendants will check your numberplate, so you won't have to provide any booking details. Remember that there is no mobile phone signal at Tovel! The car park attendants are on duty between 7.30 am and 7 pm: you must book and pay for your parking even if you arrive before them!

There are 4 car parks available, at varying distances from the lake, with prices reducing the further away you get. The path that links the various car parks along the valley is called "Sentiero delle Glare", interactive map with the route available here!

1. ‘Lake’ car park: 400 metres from the lake, which can be reached with a short walk up a paved road. This car park has 120 spaces and the daily parking fee is € 10 per car.
2. ‘Lavecel’ car park: from here, you can reach the lake along a 2km path with a difference in altitude of 140 metres. This car park has 62 spaces and the daily parking fee is € 8 per car.
3. ‘Glare’ car park: from here, you can reach the lake along a 3km path with a difference in altitude of 220 metres. This car park has 30 spaces and the daily parking fee is € 8 per car.
4. ‘Tamburello’ and 'Capriolo’ car parks: from here, you can reach the lake along a 5.7km path with a difference in altitude of 400 metres. They have 90 and 50 spaces respectively and the daily parking fee is € 6 per car.

Hire transfer service with a driver

There is also a private transfer service operated by Agenzia Erika Tours. Until the end of September on Saturdays and Sundays there are shuttles that connect the car parks in Capriolo, Tamburello, Glare and Lavacel with the car park at the foot of Lake Tovel. This service costs € 5.00 return and € 4.00 one way.
You can also book a transfer from the village of Tuenno which costs € 7.00 for a return trip. This is a good solution if all the car parks are already booked. In this case you just need to book the shuttle from Tuenno and leave your car in the free car park at the crossroads with the road from Tuenno to Val di Tovel.
Masks must be worn in the vehicles. Small and medium sized dogs are accepted if they have a muzzle.
Children aged up to 3 sitting on a parent’s knee are free.
For information and bookings:
Agenzia Erika Tours, tel and whatsapp: 347 0428103, info@erikatours.it

On foot and by bike

We've explained in detail how to reach the lake by car and how to book your parking. Please remember, however, that you can also arrive to the lake on foot or by bike at any time, without having to worry about parking!

On foot or by bike to Val di Tovel through the Terres tunnel
The Glare path, from Capriolo to Lake Tovel
On foot from Malga Tuena to Lake Tovel

Camper vans, minibuses and motorbikes All vehicles must book their parking in advance and the app will automatically update the fee when you specify the type of vehicle.
Camper vans are only allowed to park on the ‘Lavecel’ car park and the daily fee is € 20.
The daily fee for minibuses with more than 9 seats is € 20, while the daily fee for minibuses with more than 19 seats is € 40.
The daily fee for motorbikes is € 5.

For further information

Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta
via Nazionale 24, Strembo (TN) ( How to find us )

Web: https://www.pnab.it/il-parco/vivere-il-parco/info-mobility-2020/
Mail: mobiliy@pnab.it 
Tel: +39 0465 806666

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