Palazzo Nero

The Palazzo Nero was used as the law courts between 1460 and around 1475. The name of the Palazzo Nero, meaning the Black Villa, is probably derived from an arson attack which saw the villa burned down when, in 1477, the people of the valley revolted against the owner of the building, a bailiff who was unpopular in the town.

Built in 1460 by Prince Bishop Giorgio II Hack on an existing fortified house, it still has a distinctive “buttressed” façade. It is one of the few remaining examples of a preserved 15th century public building in the region and, despite the effects of subsequent events, it is still an accurate reflection of its original structure.

On the first floor, an interesting series of frescos can be seen in the “Hall of Justice” dating back to when justice was dispensed in Coredo. The frescoes are an Austrian retelling of the story of Saint Genevieve. Between 1613 and 1614 and during the following year, the Palazzo Nero was the scene of a witchcraft trial of 150 women. Executions took place in the square in front of the building.

Although the Palazzo Nero is now privately owned, the Hall of Justice is open to visitors.
From spring to autumn, guided tours are organised in combination with Castel Coredo.

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Entrance to the Palazzo Nero is only permitted with a guide. Guided tours depart from the ticket office at Coredo Tourist Information Office at 2 Piazza Cigni.

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