In spring in the search for underwater bridges and ancient paths

River trekking in Val di Non takes place in the gorges associated with Lake Santa Giustina, when there is a relatively low water level and thus allowing the passing on foot and not the usual kayak along Rio Novella.The best period is between April and May, but a lot depends on the climate in the particular year.

When the period comes about it really is an opportunity to see a canyon in a rare beautiful moment. After having travelled by canoe for about 20 minutes one can continue on foot, always wearing a lifejacket, and accompanied by an expert guide.  Here the canyon takes on an air of rare beauty and charm. It is not a sight all have had the chance to admire because the lake is not often at a low enough water level to access. Among the marvelous things which one might be lucky enough to see are the remains of ancient bridges which once joined the two banks of the valley, divided as they were by torrents:  Pont de la Poina, Ponte di San Biagio and Pont dei Marsili.

The organisation provides a wetsuit, jacket and safety helmet. Children of 6 years and up may take part. 


For information:
Parco Fluviale Novella - Ufficio Turistico
Piazza Madonna Pellegrina
38028 Romallo (TN) - Val di Non
Tel.: 0463 432064
Cell.: 329 8366160