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We know that patience is a fisherman’s virtue and that it needs to be respected.
At the water’s edge of the Val di Non, you can absorb nature’s unpolluted tranquility.
Fishing on the lakes of the valley, under a pine tree with the sun breaking through its branches is probably the most fabulous experience one could try.   

The numerous routes of the lakes offer the ideal picture them who want to dedicate some time to fishing. Among others, trout and pike are extreme in these waters.  The ideal spot for fishing is at the fast running torrents of Noce or the more serene waters of lake St. Giustina, lake Smeraldo or the lakes of Coredo and Tavon.  

A daily or weekly permission is necessary to go fishing which can be requested to the Associazione Pescatori (the fisherman’s association).  Fishing is allowed an hour before sun-rise and an hour after sun-set.
Night fishing is allowed at Lake S. Giustina for those interested in eel, carp and other from the 1st July to the 30th September. One is allowed to fish 5  types of fish daily.    

When and where fishing is permitted

Opening of the Fishing season:

-Lago di S. Giustina e Mollaro: 1st January
-Torrente Noce from Mostizzolo to Rocchetta: 1st Sunday of February
-Torrente Tresenga: 1st Sunday of Febraur in the area of Tuenno; 1st Sunday of March on the other areas.
-Lago di Tovel: as soon as the lake has thawed.
-Lago Smeraldo: 1st May
-All other lakes:1st Sunday of March  

Closure of the Fishing season
: The fixed date is the 30th September for all sorts of waters; in exception is the dock of S. Giustina’s lake from 1st to 31st  October for various species.