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Initiatives of Mondo Melinda

Guided visit
A walk under the fruit trees showing you all the process from the graving to the picking of the apple itself (you’re quite free to take a pick yourself!).
And if you’re lucky you can even take part in the harvesting in September and October, called raccolta delle mele” (apples picking). Or try the “Melagiro”, a ride on mountain bike of the areas in the Valle di Non, visiting castles and churches.  

Adopt an apple
Between April and May the Valle di Non is white-coloured  due to the apple trees bloom fioritura dei meli. This is the right time to choose your tree to adopt! Your name will be written on a plaque, hung on the tree and in the autumn you can return to receive a box of your adopted tree’s apples.  

The Flavour laboratory 
The Flavour laboratory is a new experience to try, train your sense of taste to understand all the scents and flavours of apples. The Flavour laboratory of Melinda together with the “Slow Food” association allows you to discover the flavours of our fruit and combine with other gastronomic products.
It is possible to follow lessons in cookery and to experiment the realization of our typical dishes.
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