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Castel Valer

Castel Valer, castelli visitabili della Val di Non in Trentino

Without doubt, Castel Valer is one of the most beautiful castles in the Val di Non. It stands in a panoramic position, just outside the village of Tassullo, completely surrounded by apple trees. The building is open to visitors with guided tours at specified times.
The walls of Castel Valer, surrounded by orchards, are marked by more than a thousand years of history, including historical events. The most remarkable aspect of the castle is that it is a manor house which today is still home to the same noble family. When you pass through the gates of Castel Valer, it is like going back in time and seeing a slice of Europe’s history retold right before your very eyes. Thanks to the expert guides who escort you on the tours, you can view the San Valerio chapel, the courtyard, the gardens, the cellar, the hall decorated with coats of arms, the Gothic kitchen, the adjacent studios, the gallery, the Ulrico's lounge and the Madruzzo rooms.

Visits to the castle are by guided tour only. Tours of Castel Valer last 1 hour 30 minutes.Book your visit here!


Is the castle opened?
Yes, the castle is opened on Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. and on Monday at 3.00 p.m.
How long does the guided tour last?
The guided tour lasts 1,5 hours.
Are unaccompanied visits to the castle possible?
No, visits to the castle are by guided tour only.
Which rooms can be visited?
During the visit the following rooms can be visited:the courtyard,the gardens,the chapel of San Valerio,the Madruzzo rooms,Ulrico's Hall,the loggia,the coat of arms room,the study rooms,the gothic kitchen.
We live far away and want to be sure we’ll get in. Can we book in advance?
Yes, you do. You can book the vistit by phone 0463 830133 or by e-mail at info@visitvaldinon.it
Are dogs allowed in the castle?
No, dogs are not allowed in the castle.
Where can I park?
Car parking is available in Tassullo in Piazza Carlo Antonio Martini.If this car park is full, there are alternatives in the village (at the Centro Diurno and at the station of the Trento-Malè railway) from there you can reach the castle on foot in 15 minutes.
Is there a discount for over-65s?
No, there is a full rate or discounted with Trentino Guest Card. You can see the rates in the dedicated box.

How to find us

The castle can be reached on foot with a 15 minutes walk from Piazza Carlo Antonio Pilati in Tassullo. Car parking is available there. If this car park is full, there are alternatives in the village (at the Centro Diurno and at the station of the Trento-Malè railway).

For further information

Castel Valer
Via Castel Valer 21 ( How to find us )

Web: http://www.visitcastelvaler.it
Mail: info@visitvaldinon.it
Tel: (+39) 0463 830133

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