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San Romedio Sanctuary is one of the most distinctive hermitages in Europe. It stands atop a 70 metre high rocky outcrop in the Val di Non. According to the legend, San Romedio lived here with only a bear for a friend.
The hermitage is made up of five little churches stacked on top of each other, all built on a rocky spur and connected by a long staircase with 131 steps. The footpath leading to San Romedio Sanctuary is one of the most significant religious walks in Trentino.
San Romedio Sanctuary is much loved by children and families because of the magnificent bear which lives in the hermitage’s nature reserve. The Trentino bear has long been synonymous with San Romedio. The presence of the bear at the sanctuary derives to an ancient Trentino legend connecting San Romedio and bears.
The San Romedio Sanctuary is also home to the permanent exhibition “San Romedio: one thousand years of history, art and devotion” which brings together precious restored votive offerings dedicated to the Saint with the bear.


When is the Sanctuary open?
The Sanctuary is open every day from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in May, June and September. In July and August is open every day from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. From October to June is open every day from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m
How much does admission cost?
Entrance is free.
I would like to book a guided tour for a group, is it possible?
Certainly, the Val di Non tourist office will provide you with the name of an available guide to accompany your group.
Is the path in the rock open?
Yes, it is open from the 4th April until autumn.Mountain path taken voluntarily equipped with protective balustrades.The use of a rock helmet and suitable footwear is mandatory.
Is the road to the Sanctuary accessible by car?
Yes, with the exception of high season when the shuttle bus is in operation.
Is the car park suitable for coaches?
Yes, the car park nearest the Sanctuary is suitable for coaches, subject to payment of the toll in high season.
Where does the summer shuttle bus take us?
To the nearest point accessible to vehicles.
Can you book the summer shuttle bus?
No, however it runs regularly (every 20 minutes).
Is there a scheduled bus service to the Sanctuary?
No, bus services stop in Sanzeno village, around 3 km from the Sanctuary.
Can you see the bear?
In the nature reserve next to the Sanctuary there is a bear which can usually be seen between spring and autumn.
Is there a restaurant at the Sanctuary?
There is a cafeteria at the Sanctuary, the nearest restaurants are in Sanzeno and Casez.
Are picnics allowed?
Of course, in front of the Sanctuary there is a field with picnic tables and benches.
Is mass held at the Sanctuary?
Throughout the year, mass is celebrated at the Sanctuary from Monday to Friday at 4.00 p.m. (5 p.m.0 in July and August); Sundays 09:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. On Saturdays and on days before public holidays there is no mass.

How to find us

San Romedio Sanctuary can be reached by car. The car park is just five minutes from the bottom of the hermitage which is accessed via a staircase. However, it is recommended that you park your car near the Museo Retico and enjoy the stunning walk to the Sanctuary along the panoramic path that starts at the car park and takes you to your destination in 45 minutes. (Please note: in winter is closed)
In summer, the access road through the gorge is closed to traffic and a shuttle bus takes visitors to the Sanctuary.

For further information

Santuario San Romedio
Via S.Romedio,1 ( How to find us )

Web: https://www.sanromedio.org/
Mail: info@sanromedio.org
Tel: +39 0463536198 - +39 380 1407271

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