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Romedius Pilgrimage Overview

A transnational pilgrimage route - in the footsteps of St Romedius.

The pilgrimage route from Thaur to San Romedio is a true nature experience: pilgrimage sites, wayside shrines and shrines, beautiful landscapes, mountain pastures and crossings await the pilgrims. Starting from Thaur, the route leads over 180 km and 9,600 metres of altitude difference in 12 daily stages to the pilgrimage site of San Romedio in Trentino.

We do not know exactly which route St Romedius took and therefore whether this route still exists. Nevertheless, we have set out to follow in his footsteps.

If you want to dedicate yourself fully to the Romedius Pilgrimage Route, you should take 12 days. Of course, pilgrims can also organise their own time and stages. The route presented here is suitable for mountain hikers in good physical condition. Some sections of the route require sure-footedness, good orientation and mountain experience. The mountain huts and restaurants should be booked in advance to ensure a comfortable overnight stay.

All path markings on the direct route are uniform and easily recognisable. The logo of the pilgrimage route can be found in clear places, usually in conjunction with other signposts.

At Portjoch we cross the Austrian border, so it is necessary to carry a passport.

However, please bear in mind that the walking time given is only a guide. The normal walker will be able to manage with the specified time, the better-trained walker may be able to do less. There are certainly also those who take longer because they pause from time to time to allow themselves to be touched by the beauty of creation and begin to reflect on who gave us all this.


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